Does Your Motorola Phone Need a Repair?

Pocket Geek Tech Repair has been appointed an authorised repair service partner for Motorola smartphones.

As an approved repairer, our stores serve both in and out of warranty repairs for Motorola smartphones. Customers can enjoy same day walk-in repairs, which reduces the time they have to spend without their precious device. Unlike mail-in repairs which can take days or even weeks, most smartphone repairs at Pocket Geek Tech Repair are completed while you wait.

What repairs are covered?

From cracked screens to charging issues, our professional technicians can resolve both mechanical and software issues with your Motorola smartphone.

Here are some examples of what we can help you with:

  • Cracked screen repairs
  • Battery replacements
  • Charging port repairs
  • Camera repairs
  • Software bugs and issues

What models do we fix?

Whether you’ve got the latest model or you’re holding on to your trusted, reliable device, we’ve got you covered. Our expert, friendly technicians provide fast repairs for models such as the Moto G series, Motorola Edge series and Moto E series.

Here is a complete list:

SeriesMoto EMotorola EdgeMoto G
ModelsMoto E6 Plus
Moto E6 Play
Moto E6S
Moto E7 Plus
Moto E7
Moto E6i
Moto E7(i) Power
Moto E20
Moto E30/E40
Moto E32; Lenovo K15
Moto E22s
Moto E22 (i)
Moto E13
Motorola Edge 20 Pro
Motorola Edge 20
Motorola Edge 20 Lite
Moto Edge 30 Pro
Moto Edge 30
Moto Edge 30 Fusion
Moto Edge 30 Ultra
Moto Edge 30 Neo
Moto Edge 40 Pro
Moto Edge 40
Moto Edge 40 Neo
Moto G8 Plus
Moto G8 Power
Moto G8
Moto G8 Power Lite
Moto G8 Pro
Moto g 5G Plus
Moto G9 Play
Moto G9 Plus
Moto G 5G
Moto G9 Power
Moto G10
Moto G30
Moto G100
Moto G50
Moto G20
Moto G60s
Moto G60s
Moto G41
Moto G31
Moto G51 5G
Moto G200 5G
Moto G71 5G
Moto G22
Moto G52
Moto G82 5G
Moto E32s
Moto G42
Moto G62 5G
Moto G32
Moto G72
Moto G53 5G
Moto G13
Moto G23
Moto G73 5G
Moto G14
Moto G54 5G
Moto G84 5G

Which locations are participating?

Walk-in repairs are available at all Pocket Geek Tech Repair locations nationwide. Warranty repairs are currently available at a limited number of stores and we are currently expanding the service throughout the network.

How does it work?

If your device is covered under a warranty, please contact the warranty helpline to start your claim. If available in your area, Pocket Geek Tech Repair will be offered to you as an option to fulfil your warranty claim.

If you are out of the warranty period, simply find your local Pocket Geek Tech Repair store and either book an appointment or contact the team to confirm availability. Same day repairs are available!

When you arrive at the store, our friendly technicians will carefully assess your Motorola smartphone and provide you with a quote and timescales.

Why Pocket Geek Tech Repair?

Our purpose is to get tech users back online fast, when they need it most. Whether it’s for work, keeping in touch with your family or simply staying entertained, we understand how much your devices mean to you. Below are just some of the reasons why thousands of customers nationwide have already trusted Pocket Geek Tech Repair:


Our commitment to quality and customer service was recognised at the Mobile News Awards 2023.

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