How to Properly Clean and Disinfect Your Phone and Other Gadgets


In today's world, our electronic devices are practically extensions of ourselves. We take them everywhere, from the office to public restrooms and even to bed. This constant handling makes them a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. In this post, we'll guide you through the essential steps to clean and disinfect your gadgets properly.

General Cleaning: Start With the Basics

Before diving into disinfecting your device, it's crucial to remove any visible dirt, grime, or smudges. Using a soft, lint-free cloth—like a microfiber cleaning cloth—gently wipe down the screen and the back of your phone. For hard-to-reach areas like the charging port or around buttons, you can use a dry cotton swab or toothpick with care.

Disinfecting: Kill Those Germs

After the initial cleaning, it's time to disinfect. You can use alcohol-based wipes or solutions containing at least 70% isopropyl alcohol for this purpose. Gently wipe down the surfaces of your phone, making sure you don't get any liquid into the charging ports or other openings. Wait for the alcohol to dry completely before powering up your device.

What to Avoid: Keep These Away from Your Gadgets

While it may seem convenient, avoid using household cleaners or window sprays, as they can contain harsh chemicals that can damage your device. Also, don't submerge your devices in any liquid, even if they are rated as water-resistant.

Frequency: How Often Should You Clean?

It's good practice to clean your phone at least once a week. For other devices like your laptop and tablet, a bi-weekly cleaning should suffice. However, if you've recently been in public places where the device may have been exposed to germs, immediate cleaning and disinfecting are advised.

Special Cases: Phone Cases and Accessories

Don't forget about your phone case! Remove the case and clean it separately. Most plastic and silicone cases can be washed with mild soap and water. If your case has built-in battery packs, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning guidelines.


Keeping your gadgets clean isn't just about maintaining their appearance—it's also about your health. It's essential to take a few minutes each week to eliminate the germs that collect on these everyday items. And remember, if your device shows signs of malfunction that a simple cleaning won't fix, it might be time to consult professionals like us at Pocket Geek Tech Repair.