Seeing the Bigger Picture – Franchisee Case Study

Following a rebrand in summer 2022, the Colchester store is one of the best performers in the Pocket Geek Tech Repair network. However, prior to joining the franchise, the store was struggling to survive in the post-pandemic retail space, despite acquiring a loyal customer base over the years.

Set up in 2010 as a care centre for a major manufacturer, the independent phone repair shop became a huge success on the thriving Colchester high street. “We were doing very well until the pandemic hit and it changed everything.” Lewis Hajiloizou, the store owner shares. “I was ready to exit the business.”

A Chance to Scale up

The turning point came when Lewis was approached by Assurant, offering him the opportunity to join Pocket Geek Tech Repair. The global mobile phone insurance giant (Assurant) started a repair franchise network in March 2021, which offers a variety of resources to help store owners scale their businesses. Within just two years, the brand grew to become one of the largest mobile device repair networks in the UK.

Lewis shares: “The opportunity to rebrand my store gave me a new direction to save my struggling business. Also, opening new stores nationwide suddenly became attainable, thanks to the support from Assurant.”

Pocket Geek Tech Repair Colchester

The Same Store, but a Brand-New Business

Once the franchise agreement was finalised, the rebranding process began. The franchisor provided a new store fit out, access to industry leading CRM software, a supply of accessories and handsets, and more. Not only did the customers appreciate the refreshed look and feel of the store, but Lewis also saw a sharp increase in accessory sales and started selling refurbished devices for the first time. “It was like flicking an ‘on’ switch.”

More Than Branding

A key part of the franchise package is insurance repair referrals. In the UK, Assurant provides mobile phone insurance to many major brands, such as Lloyds Bank, Monzo Bank and Nationwide Building Society. When the insurance customers have a claim, they get the option to either post their phone in or visit a Pocket Geek Tech Repair store, which reduces the repair time from up to 5 days to just 1 day. All franchisees get access to insurance referrals. Furthermore, new store locations are chosen strategically, to allow for a share of insurance volume to be sent exclusively to each store.

“Pocket Geek Tech Repair will bring a new lease of life to your business”. The Colchester franchisee said. “I would recommend joining the network to anyone.” Since the rebrand, the store has seen month on month growth and the franchisee is currently looking at opening an additional location.

Interested in Joining the Network?

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